Penis Enlargement

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Penis Enlargement
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Penis Enlargement
Penis Enlargement

Studies show that 97% of men are self-conscious about the size of their penis, and there’s very little they can do about it — until now. At Candlewood Aesthetics Medspa & Wellness Center, serving the communities of Richfield, Redding, Wilton, Norwalk, and Fairfield County, Connecticut, renowned sexual and aesthetic health expert Mahalingam Satchi, MD, has a pain-free penis enlargement solution that provides immediate results without downtime. The private medical facility ensures your confidentiality and trust. Call the Danbury, Connecticut, office or schedule your free and confidential consultation online with Dr. M. Satchi today. 

The Benefits
- Non-surgical in office, in 60 minutes 
- Increases Girth and flaccid Length
- Greater Sexual Stamina
- Longer Lasting Erection
- Results seen immediately and last up to 2 years 
- In-Office, Local anesthesia, Pain-free
- Increased Confidence and Ego Boost
- Improved Sexual Satisfaction for both partners
Dr. Satchi has changed my sex life and giving me the confidence boost. I’ve always needed. I can’t believe that. Such a painless an easy procedure has such a big results. Bigger truly is better! 

- Mark R. Redding, CT 

Penis Enlargement Q & A

How does penis enlargement work?

Penis enlargement at Candlewood Aesthetics Medspa & Wellness Center is a nonsurgical procedure Dr. M. Satchi performs at the office using dermal fillers, or fillers. 

Fillers are a cosmetic injection that contains substances naturally found in your body. Aesthetic professionals have used fillers for decades to enhance facial features and the buttocks.

Penis enlargement with fillers is a safe, FDA-approved procedure. Dr. M. Satchi is an experienced surgeon with extensive training in penis enlargement and fillers. He’s also a master injector and a perfectionist. 


Penis enlargement sounds painful. What happens during the procedure?

Penis enlargement at Candlewood Aesthetics & Laser Medspa Wellness is pain-free. 

Dr. M. Satchi first applies a numbing lotion to the penis and then injects lidocaine so the penis remains numb throughout the entire procedure. Dr. M. Satchi then carefully and expertly injects the fillers into the penis using a method he developed so you get the best possible results. 

Penis enlargement at Candlewood Aesthetics Medspa & Wellness Center takes about an hour. There’s no downtime following the procedure, and you can return to work afterward. However, Dr. M. Satchi recommends you wait 2-3 weeks before having sexual intercourse. 

Dr. M. Satchi requests that you avoid using vitamin E, fish oil, St. John’s Wort, and anti-inflammatory drugs three days before your penis enlargement to reduce the risk of bruising.


What results can I expect from penis enlargement?

Dr. M. Satchi’s penis enlargement technique increases girth and flaccid length. The increase in your penis size depends on the amount of filler Dr. M. Satchi uses. Most men need 10-15 filler syringes to get the desired results.

You should immediately notice improvements in your penis size, but final results may take two weeks. Results from your penis enlargement at Candlewood Aesthetics Medspa & Wellness Center last up to two years*. 


Why should I consider penis enlargement?

You should consider penis enlargement at Candlewood Aesthetics Medspa & Wellness Center if you feel self-conscious about the size of your penis or if you desire a larger penis to enhance your sexual experiences. 

Some of the benefits of Dr. M. Satchi’s pain-free, nonsurgical penis enlargement procedure include:

  • Greater sexual stamina
  • Longer-lasting erections
  • Increase in confidence
  • Boost in ego
  • Improved sexual satisfaction for both partners

You, too, can experience a boost in confidence after Dr. Satch’s nonsurgical penis enlargement.

Call Candlewood Aesthetics Medspa & Wellness Center today, or book your free and private consultation online. 


*Individual results may vary.